• I’ve never tasted another drink that has more successfully bottled a place. The whisky truly tastes like Islay, distilled – of the peat bogs that cover the island, of the smoke and fire used to stay warm during a seemingly endless winter, of the salty aftertaste of the sea.

    Nothing about Islay is easy. The island is rugged and tempestuous; winds gusting straight from the sea are powerful and unrelenting. Clusters of white-washed buildings make up the two main villages of Bowmore and Port Ellen; the rest of the island is mostly inhabited by sheep and birds, and largely covered in peat. The peat bogs, which take thousands of years to form and require a perfect storm of climatic conditions, spread across the island for miles.

    Public transportation on the 25-mile-long island is a nightmare, and driving and visiting distilleries don’t really mix. So for three days on Islay, I held out my thumb and was whisked away by kindly locals, travelling from the windswept shores to the warm and welcoming shelters of the island’s eight distilleries, sampling dozens of whiskies in all their smoky glory.

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  •  This may seem a cynical assessment, especially when bid documents are laced with words like "legacy", "integration" and "participation". But the European Tour came clean when it acknowledged that Italian golf's financial pledge was "hugely significant".

    While Spain and Germany were considered front runners to become hosts for the third Ryder Cup to be staged in continental Europe, the successful bid team ruthlessly capitalised on the ambitions of Keith Pelley reenex, the Tour's chief executive.

    It wasn't just about how well they could stage the biennial match between Europe and United States. It was more to do with the overall power struggle between these two golfing territories  reenex 價錢.

    Golf's calendar is bossed by the more lucrative American setup and for decades the European Tour has provided a conveyor belt of talented players who have gone on to base themselves Stateside.

    Now, though, Pelley wants to stem the flow. He wants to create a schedule for Europe's leading golfers that is a viable alternative to the PGA Tour  Reenex好唔好.


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  • You look for the deep characteristics. There's no need to concentrate on the appearance reenex價錢."

    For someone who has worked in the tea industry for more than 50 years, Anglo-Indian businessman Nirmal Sethia has lost none of his passion for the drink.

    Now in his 70s, he also still takes tea very seriously. "Tea is life," he says. "Tea is religion, tea is music."

    The co-founder and boss of upmarket brand Newby Teas, Mr Sethia's relationship with tea started in London after the end of World War Two   reenex價錢.

    However, Mr Sethia, the son of a successful third-generation Indian businessman, initially just wanted to have fun in life.

    Looking back on his teenage years, he says: "I was a rebel.

    "I used to see all the boys smoking in London and wanted some of that. Smoking, and drinking, and girls looked exciting to me, even at 13 reenex價錢."

    It was then that he told his father that he didn't want to go to school any more


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  • Rajon's father reacts to the verdict miris spa

    Rajon was attacked in July after a group of men accused him of stealing a bicycle rickshaw van in the north-western city of Sylhet miris spa .

    One of the attackers filmed the assault on his mobile phone. The footage showed the boy being tied to a pole and hit repeatedly with a rod.

    The video, which was posted on the internet, showed the boy pleading for his life and crying for water, and screaming: "Please don't beat me like this, I will die."

    An autopsy found that the 13-year-old had 64 separate injuries miris spa .
    Image copyright AFP

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  • He is a prince from one of the ruling houses in the Ife kingdom reenex 效果

    The previous Ooni of Ife, Oba Sijuwade, died in a London clinic in July aged 85.


    Mr Ogunwusi was selected from 21 candidates who included his older brother.

    The BBC's Chris Ewokor in Abuja says the selection criteria have not been made public .

    Traditionally, kingmakers from within the family choose the Ooni of Ife from descendents of the Yoruba god Oduduwa in consultation with their oracle, known as Ifa .

    Mr Ogunwusi will be one of the youngest traditional rulers in Nigeria, our reporter says reenex hongkong.

    Ooni of Ife:

        The Ooni of Ife's kingdom is in present-day Osun state in south-west Nigeria
        The monarch should be a direct descendant of Oduduwa, who is a Yoruba god
        The practice of burying someone a large silicone steamer live with a king who dies has long been

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