• the end of World War Two.

    You look for the deep characteristics. There's no need to concentrate on the appearance reenex價錢."

    For someone who has worked in the tea industry for more than 50 years, Anglo-Indian businessman Nirmal Sethia has lost none of his passion for the drink.

    Now in his 70s, he also still takes tea very seriously. "Tea is life," he says. "Tea is religion, tea is music."

    The co-founder and boss of upmarket brand Newby Teas, Mr Sethia's relationship with tea started in London after the end of World War Two   reenex價錢.

    However, Mr Sethia, the son of a successful third-generation Indian businessman, initially just wanted to have fun in life.

    Looking back on his teenage years, he says: "I was a rebel.

    "I used to see all the boys smoking in London and wanted some of that. Smoking, and drinking, and girls looked exciting to me, even at 13 reenex價錢."

    It was then that he told his father that he didn't want to go to school any more


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