• The junior partners in the coalition,

    Dozens of Syriza MPs are likely to refuse to support this first batch of legislation, leaving Alexis Tsipras's government seriously - but perhaps not fatally - CG210wounded.

    It is expected that the prime minister will reshuffle his cabinet after the vote to remove ministers who do not support the agreement struck on Monday morning.

    The rebellion is likely to leave him in charge of a minority government. His coalition currently has 162 of the 300 seats in Parliament and looks certain to drop well below 150 after Wednesdayreenex.

    The Independent Greeks party, the junior partners in the coalition, say they may oppose some measures but do not seem intent on quitting the government.

    The game changer is that three opposition parties (New Democracy, To Potami (The River) and Pasok) have pledged to support the measures. Early on Saturday, Mr Tsipras gained 251 votes authorising him to seal an agreement with creditors, so he has some room to manoeuvre domestically as long as the opposition backs himreenex.

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